Posted by sinhronia | 16 April 2020
Every (storm) cloud has a silver lining

By: Brankica Ljamić, PhD Master Certified Coach, MCC (ICF) “What we do and what makes us happy is what sets us apart from each other, while what we have in common and what brings us together is precisely the desire to be happy.” Despite a rich and colourful life experience, or precisely because of it,...

Posted by sinhronia | 04 April 2020

BY: Brankica Ljamić, PhD Master Certified Coach, MCC (ICF) “Difficult times call for difficult measures and are plagued by uncertainty. Is having a couch a sign of strength or weakness for successful business people?” In the current situation and especially in the coming days, decisions will have to be made faster than in normal economic...

Posted by sinhronia | 14 January 2020
Invisible synchronicities or why the universe wants you to become a socially responsible entrepreneur

BY: Brankica Ljamić, PhD Master Certified Coach, MCC (ICF) ORIGINAL ARTICLE ON: https://www.originalmagazin.com/ "The energy set in motion by the advent of hope, creation of a personal vision, and a switch to a concrete action plan is inspiring to all who witness it, and it gives full meaning to the idea of giving support to...

Posted by sinhronia | 15 July 2018
Trust is an investment

BY : Brankica Ljamić, PhD Trust is not a given, it has to be built up. Trust is not a given, it has to be built up. It is built up (or comes crashing down) especially at difficult times, when life sets us up for discovering something we did not know. When someone, for example,...

Posted by sinhronia | 19 February 2018
You flunked this one, boss!

BY: Brankica Ljamić, PhD Companies cannot grow and develop without personal and professional development of those who lead them. After nearly two terms of office and undergraduate degrees completed at long last, the boys started working as managers in their father’s corporation. Exuberant and wanting to prove themselves, they show an understanding of their responsibilities...

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