Instagram Live Talk “Saturday live coffee with Brankica Ljamić”

Katarina Valterović
Instagram @valtershoes

“When you drive a car, you don’t drive it looking in the rear-view mirror all the time. Instead you look back, you look forward, and then you decide where you want to go.”

In her celebrated Instagram Live Talk  “Saturday live coffee with…”, Katarina Valterović, entrepreneur, designer, and owner of @valtershoes, hosted Brankica Ljamić – the head of the SINHRONIA team, psychologist, manager, and business coach.

Katarina is one of the participants of the “Original leaders” project, organized in early 2020 by “Original Magazine” and the “Novak Đoković Foundation”. Sinhronia is one of the partners realizing the project. Watch the video and find out: What Katarina expected, and what she got from business coaching? What does she now do differently in her work? What are the results of her working with Brankica?

The visual is attached – It’s Katarina’s work – we must pay homage to our host.

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